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Phải xét nghiệm Covid-19 nếu muốn cảnh khỏi Việt Nam

The US Consulate General’s website has just updated the latest information on the situation of Covid-19 as follows:

* Ho Chi Minh City International Health Quarantine Center announced: if you want to exit Vietnam, individuals who enter from March 8 or later must conduct COVID-19 testing at one of the following facilities. :

1) Tropical Hospital, 764 Vo Van Kiet, Ward 1, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City,

Phone: + 84-28-3923 5804

2) Pasteur Institute, 167 Pasteur, Ward 8, District 3 , Ho Chi Minh City,

Phone: + 84-28-3823 0352.

Even if the test result is negative, individuals who have tested must still complete the full 14 days of compulsory isolation from the time of entry to Vietnam. Men have been issued a certificate of no COVID-19 and can exit.

-> So, according to this announcement, ALL people who have entered Vietnam from March 8, 2020 and currently want to leave Vietnam are required to have Covid-19 test and even if it ends If the result is negative, it must still comply with the 14-day isolation requirement at the request of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam.

** In addition, there will be cases of entry into Vietnam BEFORE 8-3, if now want to leave Vietnam, is it always tested? If you are a US citizen or a U.S. permanent resident (green card) who are in this situation, please contact the US General Department immediately to inquire before leaving.

** For cases where the interview is completed and a visa is obtained, before leaving Vietnam, you should contact LSQ to ask if Covid-19 testing is required.

Thank you for watching, wish peace and good luck to everyone.


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